Emp  wering Women 

     & the Future of Work

Virtual working relationships have to be more open, forthcoming, & proactive. 


This is why Rivvly helps facilitate an open & honest foundation with your VA from the very beginning. It ensures you receive the most value out of your experience.

Rivvly takes a data driven approach to virtual working relationships.


Availability isn't enough -which is why personality, experience, time zone, growth, work style, client needs, and more are considered with every match. 

Rivvly VAs are US based, experienced, well vetted, and highly trained.


All VAs undergo a background check & complete a week-long training program before becoming eligible for client matching.

Transparency is core.

Rivvly's client portal makes virtual assistance truly virtual through an all-in-one desktop and mobile app that allows you to see real-time retainer burn rate, submit tasks + monitor status, and sync all communication between you and your VA.

Balance is key.


Rivvly's mission is to help people & businesses thrive virtually, and live balanced by connecting people, combining resources, and together, achieve time freedom.

Time is money.


And money doesn't grow on trees. Rivvly offers multiple monthly plans to fit every budget. And with no long term contracts, you have the freedom to upgrade or downgrade depending on the season you and/or your business is in.

Never worked with a VA before?


No problem.

We are ready to clean up your inbox, handle your scheduling, book your travel, and help you get back to peak performance. 


Subscribe now and for a free download. 

Rivvly puts you first.


Learning your daily routine, helping highlight areas you can delegate, and placing you with an Assistant that holds experience suiting your needs and who compliments your

work style + personality.


Empowering family and the future of work.





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