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How is Rivvly different from virtual assistant firms?

Rivvly is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing Company. KPOs operate as an outsourcing company, but only offer services that require a higher level of knowledge. The standard education requirement for Rivvly Remote Associates, along with the scope of service offered, qualify Rivvly as a KPO according to the Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Rivvly associates have more than the experience needed to handle general administrative tasks and most specialize/excel in certain trade areas like social media marketing, accounting,  graphic design, specific software, etc. While many VA (virtual assistant) firms hire whoever applies with a basic knowledge of computers + assign their assistants to work with 10 or more clients, Rivvly hires stay-at-home mothers (mostly) with a college degree and work experience + only assigns 2 to 4 clients per associate. This allows clients to receive the dedicated service they deserve, as well as ensure the associate they are working with remains balanced between work and home life.


What is 'dedicated' assistance?

Rivvly retainers include a dedicated remote associate (RA). You will work directly with your associate on a one-to-one basis and submit tasks directly to them. Over time, your RA will grow to know you, your business, and your preferences, while also learning how to anticipate your needs. Rivvly's dedicated assistance is more than outsourcing. It's a working relationship that evolves over time and works to catalyze success. 


Where are Rivvly Associates located?

The entire Rivvly team resides in the US and serve clients all over the nation. You will be able to choose an associate that works in the time zone of your preference: East Coast (EST + CST) or West Coast (PST + MST). 


What is the Branded Email feature?

Branded Email is a small addition that makes a huge difference. This feature allows your associate to send and receive emails from your domain instead of their address. This also adds a level of professionalism and gives the appearance that your associate is in-house when desired. This feature is complimentary for all plans.



What are Rivvly's hours?

The Rivvly Management Team works Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern. Your associate also works standard business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, but can work either Eastern or Pacific time, depending on your choice during on-boarding. You can submit tasks anytime. Tasks submitted outside of standard business hours will be received, and responded to, on the following business day. 



What holidays does Rivvly observe?

Rivvly observes major US holidays. We will be closed on these occasions during the calendar year.


  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Third Monday in Jan)

  • George Washington’s Birthday (Third Monday in Feb)

  • Good Friday

  • Easter Monday

  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)

  • Day before Independence Day

  • Independence Day 

  • Labor Day Weekend (First Monday in September + the Friday preceding) 

  • Columbus Day (Second Monday in October)

  • Veterans Day (November 11)

  • Thanksgiving 

  • Day after Thanksgiving 

  • Christmas Eve through New Year's Day


Can my associate make purchases on my behalf?

Yes! We can place orders, make purchases, and schedule payments safely and securely. You can read more about sharing sensitive information, like credit cards and passwords, below


Can my associate keep my inbox organized?

Absolutely. Delegating your inbox for your associate to read, send, and delete messages on your behalf is a great way to stay on top of email and keep your inbox organized.


Does Rivvly have a referral program?

Yes! For every viable referral (a referral that schedules a free consultation) you earn 1 free hour for the month. Up to 5 free hours a month, regardless if that referral fully signs up for our services.


Do my hours roll over?

As a monthly membership/subscription service,  subscribing to Rivvly means you are retaining a U.S.-based associate to work with you remotely, on a month-to-month basis. Given the type of subscription, plan hours expire at the end of 30 days and do not roll over. You are able to upgrade support hours at any time during your billing cycle. Downgrading to a lower amount of support hours may be requested at any time but will only go into effect at the end of the billing cycle.


Is it safe to share my sensitive information with my Rivvly Associate?

Yes. We understand that the majority of clients will need to share their credit card information, passwords, and other sensitive data with their associate. The security of your information is our top priority which is why we partnered with Dashlane, an award-winning password manager offering features such as a secure VPN, dark web monitoring, credit monitoring, and encrypted file storage - just to name a few. As an added measure, both Dashlane and Rivvly are fully insured. 


Using Dashlane's advanced encryption technology and cloud-based data storage, we securely store your sensitive data and only use it to access an account, make a purchase, or contact a third-party on your behalf.

Dashlane is free for you to use, manage, share, and autofill up to 50 passwords (paid plans with additional features are also available). Dashlane integrates easily into your daily workflow. Being offered as a Chrome browser extension as well as being available on iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows, your private information will remain as it should be, private, wherever you go. 

*Please note, sensitive information provided to your associate must be shared through Dashlane or via phone call (meaning live voice; does not include voicemail or text message). Rivvly, nor Dashlane, is liable for sensitive information being shared via email, text, messenger, or any other means.  



How do I set up my own Dashlane account? 

  1. Simple! Share the information directly through Dashlane OR call your associate. 

    • Your RA can enter the information directly into Dashlane while they are on the phone with you. We do not accept and strongly encourage you to NOT ever share sensitive information over email, text, or via open file sharing (i.e. Google Docs). 

  2. Bank-grade security in the cloud: Your sensitive data is encrypted and stored securely through Dashlane.



How does it work? 

Secure access: Your associate will only access your sensitive data when you submit a request that requires it, such as credit card purchases or logging into an online account.


You can share passwords in two ways: 

  1. Limited rights, meaning they can log in to sites but they will not be able to view your password.

  2. Full rights, meaning they are able to see the password and login to sites manually. Note: Sharing with full rights is sometimes necessary as select login portals do not allow autofill.  



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