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Sasha Rowe

Hey there, I'm so glad you're here. 

Normally it's me that is asking the questions, looking to hear your story, but you've landed here in search of more about me, about the founding of Rivvly, and hopefully, how you can get involved.  

A little about me:

My son and my team at Rivvly are what drive me each and every day. Creative solutions are my lifeblood, and enlightened living is what keeps me balanced.  I find solace at the lake or any large body of water but my favorite place is outside, in front of a fire. I started as a virtual assistant in 2015, spending two years working in, and learning about, the industry before starting Rivvly. More

A little about the company:

The name Rivvly came from two words that kept surfacing over and over again during my time as a virtual assistant: thrive and virtually.  'Riv' from thrive and 'vly' from virtually. The logo, two triangles, represents two seemingly separate groups empowering each other and succeeding, or thriving, together. The triangles are upside down because, in order to remain that way, they must remain in balance, just as life and work should.

How to get involved: Partnerships  |  Join the Team  |  Become a Client  |  Invest  |  Press

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Forbes Under 30 Summit 2019
Sasha Rowe Forbes Under 30 Summit 2019
Sasha Rowe on Forbes

“Building a community absent of corporate drama is the strongest foundation for a startup. It happens when everyone on the team, no matter their experience, demographic, or location, is able to unite around one mission because the company actively lives that mission.”

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We all have things that happen, chapters in our lives that are pivotal in our journey - whatever that moment is for you, never forget it. 

Remember your why.

This is mine 

My Why
My Why 2
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Uncap The Ceiling On Your Brand

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What No One Tells You About Being An Entrepreneur

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Aug 2018

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine what advice to take and what advice to consider and hold in your back pocket for a later date. When trying to decide, I’ve learned it’s best to...


“You always have the power to choose. Ch
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