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How To Feng Shui Your Office Space

We’ve all experienced that moment where we sit down at our desk to focus on a task but can’t seem to concentrate. Whether it’s the pile of papers to your left that you still need to sort through or the stack of cardboard boxes in the corner that so desperately need to be broken down and taken to the recycle bin, these small amounts of chaos can leave you feeling distracted, unmotivated, and blocked. But there’s a simple solution… clear out that stagnant energy by incorporating Feng Shui elements into your office space!

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief that the way you arrange your home can affect the way energy (Qi) flows through your space. In Chinese, Feng shui means “wind water,” both flowing elements. Using simple techniques like the placement of furniture, doors, and changing the colors and elements you use can enhance good energy flow in your workspace. Feng Shui can be applied to your entire home or individually to each room. Having a good flow of energy in your office can increase your success, productivity, and happiness! So how do we achieve good Feng Shui in our office space? Here are a few helpful steps to get you started:

Get Rid of the Clutter

Clutter is a major contributor to blocked or stagnant energy and can profoundly impact our mental and physical health. A study conducted by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute concluded that clutter limits your ability to focus and process information.

While decluttering is not a traditional Feng Shui task, it is an important step to take in achieving balance and harmony through your surroundings. Keep important papers filed away or in decorative boxes to reduce the amount of visible clutter, and use small bins to organize your desk drawers.

Try clearing off your desk of everything except what you’re working on that day. This does not mean you have to go completely minimalist with nothing on your desk, but it does mean that you should keep your desk clear of any unnecessary items. Let your desk be your blank canvas for starting each workday.

Clear Out the Stagnant Energy

You’ve heard it countless times: fresh air is good for you– so open your windows and let some fresh Oxygen in! This will allow for the stagnant energy to flow out.

Plants can also do a great job of breaking up stale energy and purifying the air in your house or office. Enjoy the beauty and health benefits of nature by finding a space in your office for some air purifying plants.

Room Arrangement

Try rearranging your room in a way that encourages good energy flow and helps to promote a clearer mind. For example, face your desk towards a window instead of the wall. Also, Position your desk further away from the door and in a way so that your back does not face the door. This is called a feng shui commanding position, and it is believed to attract stronger and more successful energy to the area in which you work. You’re setting yourself up to receive business, not turn your back on it. Try to “Fill” (visually) the corner behind your desk. The goal is to recreate the feel of a mountain of sorts (feng shui backing) to provide supportive energy for your mind and body. Finally, create a focal point in the office space. This is important in the successful design of any space, including the office. Without a focal point, the energy of the entire space is dissipated in various (and many) directions, a diversion that takes said energy away from your support.

These are some great first steps towards achieving better Feng Shui in your space. Apply these techniques to your office or your entire home to achieve a better energy flow, a clearer mindset, and more productivity! To learn more about Feng Shui, enjoy a little light reading with Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter.

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