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Rivvly’s Top Five Tech Tools

As a team of virtual assistants supporting clients around the globe, Rivvly uses a host of software, apps, and tech tools on a daily basis. Throw in our deep love of efficiency, and we get downright giddy about productivity, processes, and platforms. While your choice of tech tools is determined by a number of factors (business needs, price, etc.), we thought we’d share some of our favorites and the reasons we love them:

1. G Suite

From Gmail and Drive to Docs and Sheets, we use these tools every day to communicate in-house and with our clients. Google’s suite of apps made the list for a reason: because the products are inexpensive, professional, and offer some of the best collaborative and organizational features on the market. For instance, did you know you can search in Google Drive based on the content within a document (regardless of the file name)? Pretty handy. This means you can easily find what you’re looking for, no matter how disorganized you are. Of course, your Rivvly Associate can help with that too!

2. Slack

Say goodbye to email chains and hello to Slack—the internet’s favorite cloud-based communication tool. Slack is an instant messaging platform for you and your team that streamlines communication using channels. Public #channels in a Slack group can broadcast mass messages, private channels allow for closed communication between select members, and direct messages are for you and one other person. At Rivvly, we use our channels to communicate and to socialize. We have channels for company announcements, individual teams, specific projects, and even a bit of #watercooler chatter—which is often full of gifs, memes, and answers to the QOD (question of the day). It’s a fun approach to our team’s work-life balance!

3. Asana

Asana is the project/task management tool that keeps our team on track (a.k.a. sane!). It’s simple to create to-do lists, collaborate with team members, and mark the progress of our too-many-to-count project tasks. Rivvly uses it not only for project management, but also to track goals, meeting notes, workflows, pipelines, ideas, etc. Asana also integrates with a myriad of other tools—including Slack—to streamline our communication and keeps all of our “who-what-when” details at our fingertips. In short, it’s our lifeline.

4. Zapier

Zapier’s tagline is “Zapier makes you happier”—and we couldn’t agree more! When we can automate and customize our workflows across multiple programs with intuitive connections (called zaps), it sends our hearts aflutter. Say you want Slack to alert you every time someone shares a new G Suite file, or have Asana automatically create tasks when someone submits a form. These are all things you can automate with Zapier, upping your productivity game exponentially (here’s your virtual high five).

5. Airtable

Airtable is, in a word… AMAZING. Think of a ridiculously simple marriage of a spreadsheet and a database. We’ve used it as a CRM, social media content calendar, house for non-sensitive employee data, and so much more. For us, “views” are where the power lies. The default view is clean, like a spreadsheet, but you can create secondary views of the same data with powerful filtering and sorting capabilities, including a kanban view. With plenty of templates to get you started, you’ll quickly find Airtable is your go-to place for all your data collection.

As you can tell, Rivvly loves streamlining processes and finding ways to work smarter, not harder. In fact, we can help YOU do the same with your business. Are your processes too manual? In need of some streamlining? Contact us today to find out how a Rivvly Associate can save you hours by getting the right tools in place for you!

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