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Thrive, Virtually.

Virtual Assistants to help you stay productive and balanced, whether at work or at home.  Delegate with confidence. Rivvly's virtual assistant services blend seamless efficiency with a touch of personal flair, ensuring that your tasks are in capable hands.

A clear brain equals a better you and a balanced tomorrow.

Rivvly Virtual Assistants are focused on your work-life wellness. 
Self care is important, and it's overlooked all too often. Our mission is to take things off your plate, allowing you the time to recharge, refocus, and put your energy towards the things that matter most to you.

When you work with Rivvly, you work with the best.


All Rivvly Virtual Assistants are US-based, have years of relevant experience, and are 100% remote.  


Every member of the Rivvly team has gone through extensive vetting and graduated from Rivvly University, an in-depth training program created by experts in the remote world.

Elevate your Potential

Experience the difference a Rivvly virtual assistant can make in your workflow. Say goodbye to unending to-do lists and hello to more free time and improved productivity.  Here are just a few things our Rivvly Virtual Assistants are capable of to give you back your time.


  • Meal planning, grocery deliveries, and bill pay

  • Schedule and managing appointments, kid's schedules + household services

  • Holiday and Birthday reminders + gift ideas or ordering

Social Media

  • Content creation, scheduled posting, and ad management

  • Copywriting, proofreading, and publishing

  • Website maintenance and brand strategy 

  • Collaboration and ideation

Calendar and Email

  • Scheduling coordination and confirmation

  • Inbox organization, daily sweep, need-reply reports

  • Calendar management, block scheduling + weekly debrief

Travel + Events

  • Destination research, recommendations, and accommodation booking

  • Manage cancellations, upgrades, and changes

  • Custom built itineraries

Efficiency Meets Personal Touch

Discover how Rivvly brings a unique combination of productivity and personalization to your day-to-day life. Our virtual assistants are more than just helpers; they're catalysts for change.

Core Values

Working from Home


Rivvly commits to thoroughly building our team intentionally - seeking talented and authentic people, continually striving for communal opportunities while keeping a focus on life/workplace wellness.

Zen Style Interior


Rivvly commits to respecting your story and unique expertise and will seek opportunities to build upon your skillset and expand your knowledge!

Empty Room


Rivvly commits to listening empathetically and engaging purposefully in all interactions (team/individual)- providing safe space for reflection, correction, adaptation, and expansion.

Zen Garden


Rivvly commits to practicing awareness and discernment around the needs of ourselves and others in order to wisely navigate the ever-changing seasons of life and work, together.

Pull Ups


Rivvly commits to approaching change with a positive mindset of expansion– embracing challenges as an opportunity for building resiliency, finding creative solutions, and welcoming new perspectives.

Hear the Success Stories

Inspired to take action? Read success stories from satisfied clients who've transformed their workdays with Rivvly’s virtual assistants.

Hear the Success Stories

Inspired to take action? Read success stories from satisfied clients who've transformed their workdays with Rivvly’s virtual assistants.

“Sometimes it's the little things that I find enormously difficult. I can't express how grateful I am that you make them easy.”

 Miro Kazakoff 

Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management

What you mean to us...

Our valued clients and exceptional team are at the heart of our business. Your trust and support fuel our commitment to deliver exceptional service, going above and beyond the expected. We consider each client relationship not simply a transaction, but a partnership where your success is our success. It's this dedication that propels us to constantly innovate and improve. Because in the end, it's not just about what we do, it's about the difference we can make in your lives and the lives of our employees.


We thank you for the continued opportunity to serve and grow with you.

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