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How to Maintain Work-Life Balance During the Holidays

While there are countless benefits to working remotely, especially during the holiday season, it can also be difficult to stay focussed and productive while you have all of the holiday chaos happening around you. The kids are on winter vacation, the house needs to be decorated, the snow needs to be shoveled out of the driveway, and you better get on those holiday deals!

We're sorry to disappoint, but there is no “big secret” to staying productive while working remotely during the holidays. But there are a few things that you can do to help you stay productive and keep a balanced life during the holiday season.

Make Your Schedule and STICK TO IT!

It’s probably true that your schedule will have to change for the holiday season, and that’s fine! Re-write your schedule if you have to so that you can block off time for all of the holiday shopping, school Christmas events, and family dinners. Just make sure you actually have a schedule, and that you are sticking to it! This will help you prioritize and fit all of the holiday things in without the last-minute chaos.

Set Your Goals and Work Backward

It can be easy to focus on the end goal of the holiday season and forget about the present. You also probably have fewer workdays during this time of the year to achieve all of your goals. We all have goals for the new year and things that we need to get done before the new year comes around. Take a look at your calendar and work backward from due dates. Working backward from your goals can help make sure that you have enough prioritized time to reach all of them while also efficiently using the time you have in the present.

Set Your Expectations for the Month

The months of December can be filled with todo lists and New Year’s goals. Make a list of your intentions and expectations for the month. This will help you priorities which goals are the most important you and help you focus on them when the chaos of the holidays tries to distract you.

Avoid Shopping During Work Hours

It’s so easy to jump on Amazon or eBay during work hours. Avoid the impulse if you can. Online shopping is a perfect example of a time black hole. If you have to do some shopping, try to use it as a reward. Finish a task, then do a few minutes of shopping. Just be sure to finish the task first!

Learn to Say “No”

“No” can be a very healthy and necessary word to use, especially during the holiday season. Whether you agree to take on one more end-of-the-year project or you say yes to another party invitation, it can be tempting to over-schedule yourself during the holidays. But, trying to do everything will leave you frazzled and unproductive. Rather than participate in every activity, choose carefully. Also, make sure to be intentional about being fully present and focused on the things that you do say yes to.

The holidays are exciting because there are so many different events and celebrations happening within one single month. The perk of working remotely during the holidays is that you can get in on all of the action and make sure that you don’t miss a second of holiday cheer! You can work in your Christmas pajamas, blast Christmas tunes while you work, and eat as many Christmas cookies throughout the day as you want without a single person judging you. But while working remotely does have all of these perks, you also have to make sure to stay extra organized, focussed and determined to create a healthy work-life balance during these holiday months. We hope that these tips can help you find that balance during the holidays as much as they have helped our Rivvly team!

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